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Custom Inflatables is have a killer sale!

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Custom Inflatables, in northern West Virginia, is celebrating their 25th anniversary with an awesome 25% off all new rafts and inflatable kayaks. These guys are the originator of fast, nimble, and playful ik's, the superduck and thrillseeker. The design has been ripped off all over the world but these are the real deal and at a once in a lifetime price. They are also making crazy light urethane rafts and ik's.

As always, boats are custom built to your specs, including awesome "bass boat" glitter logos and lettering.

Check out Attila's new website- Custom Inflatables, Inc. | Ready to give you the ride of your life!

And like the new FB page-

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Wish this deal was there a bit more than a year ago when I had Atilla make me
a ThrillSeeker.

My first inflatable (many decades long hard shell kayaker but due to a horrific accident now paddle my ThrillSeeker) and so far my boat has exceeded my expectations loaded for multi day floats and unloaded for fun runs.
What is the floor on the thrillseeker?

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air filled tubes hung from the side tubes with drain holes. you do not over fill them with air. very comfortable.
...getting in touch with Attila now! I've been eyeing the Thrillkat or Superkat for awhile.
Can anyone provide input as to quality, durability, customer service, etc? Been toying with getting a tandem to take along on family raft trips, so I would lean toward the SuperDoubleDuck.
Have not had my ThrillSeeker long enough or used it enough to give a quality answer on durability.

My boat looks good tho so it passes that construction quality test.

Performance has been much better than I expected.

Took a much longer time than I expected to get my boat (I paid in full up front and that might have put me way below commercial customers) other than that Attila was very fast in giving me answers to my questions.

This is one of the most expensive inflatables I found for sale, right up there with Aire's. I am a really big fan of Aire Rafts and Catarafts, so buying the Thrillseeker without testing was truly an act of faith on my part. The fact that Jim Snyder uses a Thrillseeker and is a big fan of Attila's was extremely influential to me and probably the reason I did not go with an Aire Lynx 1 which is what all my IK using buds recommended. I have owned and boated multiple of Jim Snyders boat designs and paddles including a Big Foot squirt by New Wave and have talked to Jim Snyder quite a bit and he always gave me good honest answers. Many of you younger kayakers may not know of Jim Snyder, but his boating skill and hi quality designs and paddles have stood the test of time. So for me if Jim Snyder runs the West VA steepies in a ThrillSeeker, that was all I needed to know to buy one.
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We bought a Thrillseeker this past spring and it has been out all summer. It took a couple months for them to build it but we knew that would be the case from our initial conversation with Attila. He spent over two hours on the phone with my wife to make sure she was getting exactly what she wanted. He also replied to emails with updates of its status while it was being built. He later asked what color she would like the urethane coating on the bottom to be to complement the blue boat and explained that if she chose blue, which she did, it would not match exactly. It arrived a couple weeks earlier than he initially estimated and in time for a trip we had planned for her birthday. The blue urethane does not match the blue boat but complements it because he took the liberty to put glitter in it! It is now named "Sparkles" and my wife loves it!

It seems to be very well made and has not had any issues in its first season. I suspect it will last a long time. I'm very impressed by the company and products and want to order something for myself.
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We just ran the Gorge last weekend and our friend loves his. We named it Disco Duck and he loves it, the boat that is...not the name we gave it
Yes sparkles are nice

Yes, the sparkles are a nice touch. The name is looking like Pixie. If I was 9, I would go with disco duck.
That sale would have been nice 3 months ago…
When I was looking for a ducky, I tried to demo/rent as many as possible. This is much easier said than done, since not many shops have demo duckies or rentals that represent what you would buy. Surprising when spending $1,500 on a product. I tried Paddliac, Aire Force, tributary, DRE, etc..
I ended up settling on a Thrillseeker based on what I was looking for (stability but still highly maneuverable), buzz comments and speaking with Attila.
Here is my opinion so far after 2 days in the boat;
Construction – I waited longer than quoted for my boat to arrive which was torture, but understandable with it being their high season. The bummer was that after my first day, a friend noticed parts of the seam delaminating. Which sucks since it left their shop like that and they had plenty of time building the boat. I have the hassle of sending a brand new boat back for repair, but the good news is that it can wait until winter. Attila does seem to stand behind the boats he builds.
Performance – I am very pleased. It is fast down river, ferries easily, surfs well and punches holes. The continuous rocker makes the boat spin very easily and turn effortlessly. The one caveat is that I’ve only been on lower flows so far. I am still experimenting with the floor and how much to inflate.
Weight – It is noticeable lighter than all of the other duckies I tried.
The thrillseeker duckies are higher performance and you pay for it. If you are looking for a ducky for your family, the thirillseeker will work just fine. If it is not something that you need a higher performance boat, I bet you can find a cheap used ducky on the buzz or through a local outfitter having a swap/sale.
PM me if you have other questions.
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