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There were some questions about the CSM Ice Breaker, a little earlier on. So here's the e-mail I got:

Hey Kids!!

This year's icebreaker is slowly sneaking up on us. Format's gonna be the same as year's past: slalom, rodeo, boater-X, polo, etc.. This year it'll be held over April 14th - 16th, with the movie premiere that friday night. I believe that's Easter Weekend so we'll probably have an easter egg hunt in conjunction with the trash pickup. Good fun. We'll be putting together several teams of five just like last year.... I don't care if you're a kick ass boater or if you just plain suck, all are encouraged to participate (if I know you chances are I'm throwing you on a team no matter what). Well, if you have any questions shoot me an email ([email protected]).

- Dusty

If you have any questions, either e-mail Dusty or post here and I'll see what I can find out. As I learn more, I'll post it.

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