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Crystal Valley Flows

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How are the flows in the upper Crystal Valley right now? Are they still cranking? I am looking to hit the falls, NF/SF at some point and was wondering if anyone had any idea if they are going to last past this weekend.

The gauge still looks high, but appears to be dropping and I wasn't sure what a good minimum cutoff is for these runs since that gauge is so far downstream. I had good gauge/flow notes from a past trip but I lost them.

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you can get up there pretty low on the gauge. correct me if i'm wrong but i think we have run the NF and punch bowl as low as about 450 on gauge and i'm sure people have gone in lower.... 350 maybe. just starts getting boney. the higher the better for both but the lower gorge of NF can get pretty quick!
Bro, take a deep breath... Meat Grinder is still stout, if you are looking for a Sickbird merit badge, you probably should get on the Crystal while it is still over a grand.
Ha! Right on. That is pretty much what I thought, but I had lost my notes on it. All this means is that I still have time. Schweeeeeeet. Thanks for the info.
sorry to hijack, but anyone know what minimums are to do lower crystal in a small raft? like Avalanche to BRB or on down to roaring fork? probably goes but boney for a while, but just wondering if anyone knows a magic number for minimum flows to make it worth doing. thanks!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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