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I am still sorting through my psychological issues of the day, and I wasn't even the one who cracked their helmet open going over the falls.
I will eventually get my head together about what happened this past weekend and post a report online.

But for now...
What levels do people like to run the Mill Waterfall at?

I have now studied it at around 1000 cfs and 700 cfs.
At 1000 cfs it looked perfect and inviting.
The "tricky" chute entrance was not so swirly and almost seemed to want to take you exactly where you wanted to be at the edge of the falls.
We were ready to run it that day but for reasons that are too ridiculous to get into in a post, we had to go back down the trail and didn't get to drop it at that inviting level.

At 700 cfs this past weekend, the entrance chute was a twisted up mess and caused a lot of grief for the first (and last) in our party to run the waterfall.

I would be interested in hearing comments, opinions and experiences having to do with that drop.
The run beneath it is so much fun and looks like it would still be runnable a little lower...
so I may end up there one more weekend, and of course
I will be considering the waterfall again.
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