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We ran CMF yesterday after recovering our friends truck. Im posting because occasionally someone asks about park n huck etc.

Id say this drop is not too low as eddyflower or awa suggests, but instead right now this is an excellent technical drop for newbie creekers looking to step it up a small notch.

The two of us ran two different moves, there is a third availiable. I wont post line spoilers, but Ill PM them if you want ;) Ill say this, I tried to brace into the curler above the drop and boof going right over the lip, it didnt work. The consequences could have been alot more significant if I hadn't gottten lucky, as in, my torso is jammed into a vertical slot underwater and my boat is dangling from my legs. Fortunately this didnt happen. Look for a pic of me upside down and vertical if the tourists who witnessed it email us the pictures.

Vaultman ran it next and made it look easy. It must be the life jacket.

The top of this drop at this level is pretty sweet for its technicality, but there is no hydraulic at the bottom.
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