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Buena Vista Whitewater Park Fundraiser! by Earl Richmond - GoFundMe

The town of Buena Vista has committed to donating up to $3500 a year, if the funds are matched by public donation. That means that for every dollar the River Park Fundraiser generates, the town of BV will donate the same amount.

With an annual budget of $7,000 - spot cleaning and upgrades, maintenance and beautification are now possible. It costs about $15-$25K to build a new feature, or make major upgrades to ones. All of the overflow money (above and beyond the $3500 raised to match the town) will go towards major improvements such as the renovation of the corner pocket wave (the next big project).

Every dollar counts, and because of that, we've turned to you - the crowd!

For more information:
The 3rd Annual Buena Vista Whitewater Park Fundraiser
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