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Well, I'm now in the market for a new creek boat. Sold my Nomad 8.5 , and test-drove both the Jefe Grande and the Pyranha Everest over this past weekend.
The Everest feels like a pretty good design, turns a little slower than my Nomad, and has tons of room for gear in the back. BUT, the outfitting sucks and I can flex the whole side of that giant cockpit with my thighs, no problem. Feels like having shitty soft ski boots on: wasting energy to turn the boat. Can't believe they made the cockpit even bigger than on the large Burn. I also did two minor shallow boofs with a brand new boat and left the dent evidence in the hull immediately. VERY disappointing.
The Jefe Grande felt much more like my Nomad, though a little less crisp in the handling, no doubt due to the super-round bow. It surfaces like a champ, turns on a dime yet still tracks well if you keep strokes in the water. BUT, for as big as it is, it's a pain in the ass to get anything of decent size in behind that new "BadAss" outfitting. The back of my old Nomad seemed bigger, and it didn't have the newer lowback seat. Also, the Grande is a TANK. By far the heaviest empty boat I've ever paddled.
So, I'm thinking about just getting a new Nomad 8.5 with the lower seat. Hope they haven't changed the plastic.... It's still the most responsive yet predictable boat of the three. Otherwise:
Anybody have any thoughts on the new Riot Magnum 80??????? Would love to see and paddle one, but none up here in Jackson. How about the MegaRocker????? I'm 6'3" and 195 right now, so the Rocker is probably too small. The Mega looks like an old Wave Sport "Descente" to me: way too round to catch many eddies at high speed, but I could be way wrong on that. What are thoughts from the MegaRocker paddlers? Would welcome any feedback. Thanks.
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