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Converting foam floor IK to inflatable floor

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I finally broke down and ordered an inflatable AIREcell for my IK. Have any of you converted your floors before? I know there needs to be a hole cut and reinforced in the floor pocket. I talked to an outfitter that does boat repair, and they said they could do it. The thing is they are a couple hours drive and they weren't sure they could get to it right away. I am wondering if I can d it my self. Any suggestions?
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I took a close look at my boat and my dads boat today. It looks like there is already a reinforcement patch where the valve is suppose to go. So I guess all I need to do is make a hole. I talked with Aire because they didn't send me a valve wrench with the floorcell, so I ordered a repair kit with the correct valve wrench and a valve adapter for my pump.
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