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Comment: Black Canyon Backcountry Management Plan

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As kayakers and backcoutry users, we may want to individually comment on the future management of the Black Canyon wilderness area, part of which includes the 'inner canyon'.

From: NPS PEPC - Wilderness and Backcountry Management Plan

Black Canyon Of The Gunnison Wilderness and Backcountry Management Plan

"I invite you to join me in creating a long-term vision and plan for the wilderness and backcountry of Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and Curecanti National Recreation Area.

As we begin this process, there are many opportunities to explore as well as issues to examine. What is a wilderness and backcountry experience at the units? Do you feel you are able to have that experience now? What uses are appropriate in the units? Do visitor conflicts exist? If so, where, how frequently, and what recreational uses are involved? Are there signs of resource impacts that affect your experience in the wilderness or backcountry?

These are some of the questions we would like to address in our planning process. Getting to the core of these issues will help us to better determine how to manage wilderness and backcountry to ensure that visitor experiences,along with our legislative mandates, are being met.

I ask you to please look inside this scoping brochure and provide us with feedback on the questions outlined, or anything else about the wilderness and/or backcountry that you would like to comment on. To view this brochure online, go to the "Open For Public Comment" link on the left. Within the brochure, you will find an interactive map that will help guide you through some of the issues and opportunities we would like to address in this plan. You may also submit your comments electronically at this website.

Connie Rudd

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park"
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Very interesting, the questions they pose are very broad. It is a good thing that they are allowing the public to address any problems they see in the current system, I personally think they are doing a great job running the park. I would like to see the donkeys removed form chukar but that is BLM land. thanks for the heads up Chris, maybe if the water comes up a bit we can get a run in there soon.
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