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We just got off the water at the Pueblo Play Park and we were headed downtown to have a cold one with the local paddlers when my phone rang.  #### another relaxing evening after a good paddle lost to the need to drive 5 hours and paddle a new river.  I had gotten two calls in a matter of minutes.  "Hey the Embudo is cranking and you should come down".  The guy on the other end of the line gave me all the info he had.  It was like this, Big Party, Near Taos, camping at a confluence, Embudo river is near the town of Dixson, New Mexico.  So with that detailed information we headed off into the desert to try to find a party in the middle of the night and then paddle the Embudo at fairly high water the next day.  I was game because I have been wanting to get on the Embudo for a while.  I had heard lots of great stories with the exotic name Embudo involved.
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