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There is a meeting Monday Nov. 8 at the Arapahoe Community College Cafeteria 5900 S. Sante Fe. Dr. Littleton 4-8 pm. Open house forum, no formal presentation. The meeting is to discuss proposed and preferred alternatives under consideration in how they will manage the Colorado river thru Grand Canyon.

A complete copy of the draft EIS can be found at.

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If you're coming to the meeting, here's something to help you in gleaning what's important from the huge document:

gcpba Newswire - Draft EIS reading List
November 4, 2005

In order to make informed comments on The Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Colorado River Management Plan, the public needs to read it or trust somebody who has. In these days of political spin it's probably best to read it yourself. The DEIS, found at at is big but don't be discouraged. You can read parts of it and learn a lot. Here's a short recommended reading list from the Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association.

Executive summary, pp. iii-xx
Elements common to all alternatives, pp. xii, 23-32
Noncommercial permit distribution methods (and other common elements), pp. 98-102
Alternative summaries on p. 36 and 53
Alternative H, pp. 51, 52
Environmentally Preferred Alternatives, pp. 86-98
Wait List Transition Options, p. 663-665
Repeat Users data, pp. 657, 658
Weighted lottery details, p. 651
Camp site restrictions by party size, pp. 236

Do you want a better understanding of the numbers? Why do planners prefer Alternative H and Alternative 4? Do you wonder how the Wait List will be affected? If so, you should read the whole document. Once you understand the science and research involved, and see the restrictions and limits of planning, you might have a better appreciation of the innovative ideas contained in the DEIS. The ideas of GCPBA and other public commenters are included in very great measure.

Agree with the DEIS or not, it's good to be informed. GCPBA is working hard to hammer out ways to make the suggested alternatives even better. Please join us in the effort.

Written for the NEWSWIRE by David Yeamans, Board Member of GCPBA
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