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What's the difference between God and a Colorado Landowner?

God doesn't think He's a Colorado Landowner!!

This holds especially true for landowners near Boulder (and Steamboat area for that matter).... What's their problem? It's safe to say that kayakers are not devising a sceme to do a hostile take over of their property. Just the opposite! None of us really want to be on shore in the first place so if we are that probably means something has not gone according to plan. We conduct our business in a timely and professional manner if we do find ourselves in this spot. If these folks would just show a little compassion and understanding it would really help.

Landowners should realize kayakers are not there to infringe on their property rights, nor are we "trying to take it away". I speak for myself and almost every kayaker I know when I say that we respect private property to the utmost. If they are worried about people trying to steal their land they should keep an eye on their wives and children!!

Just my 2 cents

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