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clear creek of the ark tomorrow 7/9

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Anyone interested in showing two first timers down if it holds?

7/9** I wish it was still june...
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what would you say is a good minimum? Was going off the bibles 150.
I edited the title to show the correct date. Most people I know won't run it below 225ish. 300-500 is preferred.
Anyone interested in showing two first timers down if it holds?

7/9** I wish it was still june...

Ah, NO. It really should not be done below 250cfs for the top two gorges, 300 to want to include the third gorge. Lower levels are boat abuse and a recipe for potential injuries.

The bottom dropped out on us a few weeks ago and it turned out to be 226. One guy swam at the crux, but got out quickly. Two of us chased his boat for a mile in rapids that we shouldn't have been distracted by trying to wrestle a boat over. It was bangable, but not recommended. The crux move and above it were definite lower water class v arm pumping adrenaline speed action. Few eddies, lots of demands, and you would not want to be upside down.
We ran it during paddlefest right around 150cfs. The gorges were good to go, though there was lots of pin potential and many a banger but hell it wouldn't be a creek otherwise. It was the little rock gardens between that needed more water and were the perfect recipe for breach pins and frustration. So I'm sure 250 is better.

Current level is 179, I say go get it. Take out below the 2nd gorge for a wood free experience. We showed ourselves down with no issue just be heads up and understand that there are very few eddies that will hold more than 2 boats. Truth is (as he prepares to get message board pummeled) is that CO boaters, while mank aficionados, are spoiled and they'll let a perfectly good run go to waste because it doesn't have their preferred flow. If it floats it goes.
We ran it on June 27 at 230 cfs and it was low but good. My buddy showed up earlier than me and scouted the 1st two gorges and said that there was wood in the runnout of the 2nd gorge, so we just ran the 1st gorge (although it would be possible to portage the wood). Make sure you scout before putting on!
It sucks under 300. Sure is pretty though.

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