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Clear creek of ark lost paddle

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hi, lost paddle CC of ark. well used waterstick. reward if found!

thanks Kevin - number on paddle
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Paddling there today, will look for it. Where did you lose it, upper or lower gorge?

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Heads up - new tree in float out. Some hoods in the woods chopped it down (along with lots of other trees) and threw it in the rive. Lame. Human factor = scary. Could ruin someone's day if done in gorge section.
thanks for looking - lost after second gorge, very end. Boof to swim on last move... buddies chased it for a while, maybe went to third gorge if it did not get hung up somewhere in between.
Looked, but didn't see it. Tree is not duckable, it's after a left corner after the second gorge, eddy on left, heads up. Stupid ppl

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anyone gonna be up there fri or sat? i would up for helping get the tree out...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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