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clear creek at 2000 cfs

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I hope someone gets some picks or videos of this. Might not ever happen again. Post if you run it through Black Rock. I would love to see a video of the narrows being run.

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Bank and Clayden had go pros rolling last night. It's huge!
Nice! Glad to hear people are gettin' it.
Flow was around 1650 tonight. Great level. I'll be there again at 6:15 tomorrow.

I have heard repeatedly about "the email list," but i'm not part of it.

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I took a few videos of Clear Creek this morning when it was close to 2K. No paddlers unfortunately, but it was lower today than yesterday, so I wanted to get out quickly.

River on Vimeo
The Narrows look absolutely frightening when you start to think about the consequences of a blown line. Everything is just big and full on! So fun.
Well done. Missed the Black rock part.

Smooth lines!
Nice. Now that clear creek is pretty slow and low whats up with a block rock race?

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Not sure about the block rock race, but Black Rock race is whenever somebody calls it. Alex & Kyle won last year though they get a weighed say in the date. I suggest looking for a 600s-700s window or the race will likely look much like your typical after work run with your 3 favorite buddies.
Agreed, we should wait a bit to get a larger racer roster. Kyle who? Oh that sandbagger, you mean? Haha, he'll need to dust of the kayak soon to get ready to race. Late June may be the window.
High water Black Rock...

I attempted punching Mr Bill...I have been wanting to run that line; I finally had the courage...
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