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Central/South America Kayaking Trip Beta Wanted

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Looking to plan a trip this winter somewhere warm. Some criteria we're looking for but not all completely necessary:

-Amazing Class 4/4+
-Jungle or beautiful setting
-Warm-ish water
-Not super expensive
-10-14 days

Mexico is a high contender but makes me nervous with the safety issue. (I've had run ins with Mexican Policia in the past… Not fun. I'm sure Cartel members are worse).

It would be sweet to find an all inclusive place that dealt with shuttles/lodging/food but it's not completely necessary. Anybody had a great experience somewhere? Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica?
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Can anyone give any info on what to plan for general cost per day? I know there are a lot of factors, but based on general experience what can an average dirtbagger expend to spend on food lodging transportation and other misc items to south/central american winter kayaking destinations?
BDF, you question depends greatly on the country. Chile is expensive, Guatemala is very cheap.

Mexico is awesome, pretty safe provided you aren't near a border, or engaging in illegal activity. Mexico is moderately expensive.

StreetDoctor- Ecuador completely fits your description. PM me if you have any questions. Can't go wrong with Small World or Endless
+1 for pucon Kayak hostel. Took me an my gal there last year and it was amazing. The entire trip ended up costing about 100 a day for a week for the both of us. This included food lodging shuttle and kayak rental. I didnt factor airline tickets into the price because i work for the airlines and its a non issue. The place is fuckin Walt Disney magic.
Pucon Kayak Hostel grateful for recommendations.

First, I am the owner and visionary of Pucon Kayak Hostel. Second, thank you Tango and fixedgearmike for your positive recommendations.

We would be enthusiastic to host you and your group. As a director of a kayak academy I was lucky enough to purchase Rio Trancura riverside property just 6 miles from Pucon. As Captain said Chile is expensive. But Pucon Kayak Hostel changed the game by offer whatever our kayak clients want. If you want an all-inclusive guided tour of the rivers, lodging in one of the geodesic domes or the hosteria, great meals and coaching then we'll give you as good of a program as you will find.
If you are a do-it-yourselfer on a budget then you have camping and dormitory and cook your own meals options.
The cool part of the place is that it brings kayakers together under one roof. Nightly, in the center piece quincho kayakers are sharing stories and beers next to the fire as they eat dinners. It is not uncommon to have kayakers from 8 various countries at dinners.
Guests can rent our kayaks for $20/day. You have the option to rent our trucks or hire a shuttle or hire a guide.
What about the kayaking? Ask anyone and you will hear that the Pucon area offers arguably the best kayaking on the planet. And it's not just class V. It's class II, III, IV and V on our backyard Rio Trancura. And a multitude of other runs for the beginners and intermediates make the area work for every kayak level.
If you are interested in learning more then feel free to write me direct.
[email protected]

Keep Kayaking.
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Video endorsement by Clay Wright of Chile's Pucon Kayak Hostel

Thank you Clay Wright for taking the time to share your thoughts on boating in the Pucon area and your stay at Pucon Kayak Hostel.

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Video endorsement by Clay Wright of Chile's Pucon Kayak Hostel

Keep Kayaking.

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