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Located in Morrison, CO. outside denver.

2 oh 2 - 55 oh- 2597
New boat this season so needing to adjust/modify set-ups, so have some things on offer here...

I have two sets (3 oars each) of cataract sag counterbalanced and rope-wrapped oar shafts.
I am looking to sell one set (your choice), the others i will cut down to 8.5' for the phatcat.

Set 1: 3 x white 9' SGG CB & wrapped. $600 for the 3
Set 2: 3 x yellow 9.5' SGG CB & wrapped. Two were used for 4 days, the other is still in plastic. $675 for 3, $425 for 2 (since one is still returnable to store)

Oar rights are not included, i just haven't removed them yet (see pics). I have oar stops (rubber donuts) for all the oars.

Down river DRE Captain's Chair
chair is made of 1.5", attachments are for a 1.25" (LD or NRS) frame, but one can easily purchase speedrail tee's for 1.5" to match an XD frame...
19.5" bay opening (more dimensions in pictures)

Wheel Tire Wood Yellow Gas

Musical instrument Human body Office supplies Gas Tints and shades

Wood Composite material Road surface Metal Pipe

Eye Writing implement Office supplies Writing instrument accessory Pen
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Bumper Vehicle door Road surface

Product Azure Sleeve Bag Gas

Chair Rectangle Gas Electric blue Bag

Tire Automotive tire Wheel Motor vehicle Wood

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Wood Textile Automotive tire Bumper Gas

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Looking to trade my 9’ for 10’ oar shafts.

Cataract SGG counterbalanced and wrapped. Up to 3 oars.

Located in Denver metro area
If you can't find a trade you may want to consider the 1' Cataract oar extensions. They are expensive, but it's like having 2 sets of oars. I have a 13 and 15' boat and use the extensions when rowing my 15.
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