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Castle creek

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Anyone been on castle recently? Wood reports? Current put in locations? Going tomorrow combo with slaughter house
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Ran it twice last week at 1200 below Maroon Creek. No wood problems in meat of run. Some duck under and portages in the runout.

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Ran it yesterday (6/28) and it was still at a good level, surprisingly it is holding. Most likely due to the warm temps and a bit of rain. Not sure how much longer it will hang on for, my guess would be not much longer. The Slaughterhouse gauge was only at around 1000cfs and it had a similar character to last weekend when Slaughter was up around 1500.

Put in on Hall drive up stream of the music school. Take a left onto hall off of castle creek road and cross the river (on the dirt road) park on the right after the bridge. Right below the bridge there is a duck under river wide tree, easy duck under on the right. The other wood concerns are down in Aspen where the run flattens out. There is one river wide tree that is easily portaged on the right, just drive your boat up in the bank. The other river wide duck under is shorty after this and has a hole right above it and a pretty tight duck under on the left. Be careful on this one, it is a bit tricky and if you go right at all it could be too low to duck.

Hall Drive is now the put-in, apparently the music school is tired of naked kayakers putting in at their property. It's cool though because the first part of the river is pretty fun and easy warm your arms up boogie water.
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Have fun man.

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