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Cascade was running good and high today!

There are 3 wood "problems" but everything portages besides landslide.

(spoiler alert) Here is a brief TR and this is for high water, as I recall the creek is much more relaxing at medium and lower flows...
1st there is a 1 or 2 boat eddy above the portage on RIVER LEFT. It appears to be a pushy Class IV type eddy with MAJOR consequences for missing it. At lower water I remember it being forgiving. We were already out of our boats and spent about 40 minutes portaging on the right. Then it felt like 15 minutes of a white blur to the Animal (which much to our surprise was MUDDY and HIGH!)

that 1st major rapid cleans up at high water. Next, the "waterfall" is pretty cool (obviously a left move) and watch out for the right to the left current that grabs your ass right before the boof. ;)

There are 2 pieces of wood on corners in there, one is not so serious and the river pushes you left over the submerged portion no problem.
The 2nd tree is in the middle of a class IV and you have to go under it on river right. You can see both trees from eddies above the drops. The 3rd you have to roll under and it is in the upper section in class II water. Good place to test out the amazing kayak roll.

it should be going for a couple weeks so have at it!

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