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Yo fellow boaters, seeing as you buzzer have a lot experience with blown knees, please drop some knowledge.

So, I blew my knee in February. Both ACL bundles torn, damaged meniscus, as well as cartilage. Not knowing anything about knees other then a torn acl is bad. I told the local pro knee doc to do what ever is necessary. So, he decides on two surgeries one for the ACL and meniscus, then a second for the cartilage.
Had the first surgery 7weeks ago, I'm walking with a slight limp, improving everyday. No pain from the knee, some clicking, slight instability that lessens each day. Doing well.
My concern is I have this second surgery coming up in a two weeks. This stem cell carticel surgery that seems gnarly, crazy long rehab time. I'm wondering if it is necessary. As is I feel like I will be normal again in a few months, which is a lot sooner than the comparative year(s).
Anyone living with cartilage problems? Opinions?
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