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I canceled my Canyon Permit today, launch on June 25th. Hope someone can make use of it... I have to focus on my other Launch, will be on kickstarter May 3rd. A great tool for all boaters.

After a 15 year waiting list, then in February of 2012 I got to pick a date and picked one as late as possible (I had young kids at the time), and picked one of the only summers I won't be able to go. (Nice how accommodating GRCA is, now I am last in line with no points.) Been on every other river in the west except the canyon... (sigh)

Anyway, I hope it is for a good cause. Best to check out the website, but basically they are like stretchy strong reusable cable ties, bungee cords, only much much better.

Top 10 uses
Keeping your straps wound (you can attach directly to the cam strap so they are always there).
Attach to a D ring so you can quickly keep bow and stern and flip lines coiled.
Attach to an oar lock stem (use a small one, so that, while strong, it will break before the oar) that way you can pop your oar back in super fast if you knocked it out on an anklebiter.
Or Wind it around the oar lock stem to give some padding, a bit more resistance to popping an oar out.
Strapping down an extra paddle to the thwart so you can get it faster...
Making a cupholder directly onto the life jacket (pics of this will be in the video).
Make a chassis so that ammo cans or even Nalgene bottles can be attached directly to your frame (without scratching).
make an oar/paddle tripod (no buckle means no scratches, nothing to snap back at you like bungee cords).
And about a million other uses.

Hope for a big launch on Kickstarter so I can make them cheap and sell them to boaters, NRS etc.

(Unlike most kickstarters we actually have tooling, In the USA, took us 4 molds to get it to work right, but it now does, just need more money for more cavities = cheaper parts...)

Please support us on KS! May 3rd.

Scott Cochran
[email protected] (only use the caps!)
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