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While I agree that you'd be sparing one of the campsites a stay, my understanding is they have a certain number of groups and also a ceiling on the number of people allowed to launch each day. I'd be really surprised if you could launch the second day on that permit. I'd be surprised if the permit stipulations don't say something about "must launch on day of permit" or something to that effect.
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I have a permit for Westwater coming up on May 24-25. We want to run it all in a day, my question is can we show up on the 25th and still launch?
The date on your permit is your LAUNCH date.
Your LAUNCH date is May 24th, if you camp it must be on the night of your launch date.
You CAN day trip on the 24th (get an early start) but you cannot launch on the 25th.

This is the verbiage from website
Permits are required year-round for all private and commercial use in Westwater Canyon. A permit for Westwater Canyon allows for the launch of one group, maximum of 25 people, for the date issued. Permit holders will have the option to choose between a day trip or an overnight trip. Only one night is allowed within the canyon, it must be the night of the authorized launch, and the campsites will be assigned by the ranger prior to launch.
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