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The creeks of our state/country have become the melting pot for hazardous, poisonous and complex chemical compounds.

Start with the suspended chemicals in our urinary system that we piss into the creek.
Add in heavy metal compounds, a few birth control pills, some septic system runoff, some diesel spills from canyon residents, the occasional oil truck crashing in the creek, the road grime from 10,000 daily passing cars dropping on to the road surface, approximately 40 pounds of daily dog shit, and top off with ... ooops the biggest rollback in environmental regulations in the history of the clean water act (courtesy of Bushco/Haliburton/Enron/Cheney Corp) and what do you get?!!

SICK! thats what.
I'm sick of our creeks being the dumping grounds for slobs, trucking companies, road crews, careless tourists and corporations.

We live in a desert state in Colorado, Water is our blood.
When we pollute - or allow our creeks to be polluted, we kill ourselves, AND the many critters who rely upon the creeks for their daily lives.

Please help clean up the mess. Grab a bag and head to the creek nearest you.
When you see plastic in the gutters, where do you think it is going? The creek nearest you. (The fish have a hard time breathing with plastic bags covering their heads.)
Plastics kill fish and many other critters in the creek.

I am writing letters to congress, I'm calling the EPA, I'm getting involved, and I invite you to do the same, while some form of life remains in our waterways.

The following web sites are a great starting place:

thanks for hearing me out, now pickup the phone and call a senator or congressman and ask them what they are doing to protect the waters and the free flowing creeks of your fine state. -thanks.
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