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Hey guys,

I recently put up a site dedicated to Winterstick & the Swallowtail. If any of you have ever had the experience to ride back in the day (70s/80s), chances are you may have ridden one of the big 3 boards (Winterstick, Burton, Sims).

Winterstick was the prodecessor to the modern board (in my mind snurfers don't count, ropes are for dopes! jk), but its legacy still lives on with the Swallowtail. The only way to ride the powder.

The swallowtail has been around for 30 years and the board itself has given rise to many other companies who specialize in making these types of boards (Swell Panik, Miura, Pogo, etc). Hopefully the rider population will be on the rise.

Please check out the site. It's completely made up of rider and collector contributions which have been kindly submitted. I try to reach out and interact with the swallowtail rider/collector/old schooler community as much as possible, so send me an email. This means YOU! Hope to read some responses!


Mark R. :D
[email protected]
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