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Finally put together the year's film which includes the first descent of Piute Creek, and some footie from the South Branch Feather, Dinkey Waterfalls, Love's Falls, Kaweah good times, and Peter breking his ankles after making a bad decision.
1st Descent Piute Creek and other California Kayaking |

Also centralized some older vids all in one place. Fall boredom is setting in.

First Descent Middle Yuba Box Canyons: Part 1
First Descent of the Box Canyons of the Middle Yuba |

First Descent of East Kaweah Headwaters, Fordyce, Upper Cherry, Middle Yuba Box Canyons First D: Part 2
First Descent of the East Fork Kaweah Headwaters and Middle Yuba Box Canyons |

2007 Royal Gorge, West Cherry, and Middle Kings
Cali Goods: Part III |

2006 cali with Big Kimshew
Cali Goods: Part 2 |

2005 cali
Cali Goods |

2004 Mexico
Mexican (river) Runs |

2003 New Zealand
Short New Zealand "Playboat" Adventure |

Retro Carnage
Fantastic Beatdowns Galore |
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