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:idea: I am going creekin' (mostly) and playin' (if creekin' conditions suck) in Cali for a little while. By creeking I mean class V. There are a bunch of creeks that i have picked out (brush, dry meadow, silver fork, dinkey) and would love someone to come along. My partner has to bail because of work and it would be nice to find a replacement. If anyone will be in the area for the duration let me know?
One creek that i would really like to do is Sespe. It is near LA and hasn't really run hard in the last few years. It is a three to four day run that is self supported with some hella portage (ropes and chimney moves). Read about this run on the net and let me know if you are interested. This one should be Epic. This run is my main goal for the trip, but you don't always get what you want.
Another option for Cali is to go run the upper section of the salt for a couple of days on the way. I love this section and this year has the water to make it ridiculous fun :shock:
[email protected]
My # is 970-946-3746 and ask for John.
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