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Got a chance to watch a few rides and was wondering if anyone has the results?

Pat Keller throwing ends in his RPM was easily the most impressive thing I saw at the hole... thanks Pat!

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well, it looks like I answered this one myself

from South Main's blog...

Buena Vista Pro Rodeo

Men’s K1
1. Stephen Wright
2. Nick Troutman
3. Jason Craig
4. Bryan Kirk
5. Dustin Urban
Women’s K1
1. Emily Jackson
2. Ruth Gordon
3. Tanya Faux
4. Elaine Campbell
5. Liz Block
Junior Men’s K1
1. Eric Bartl
2. Haskon Sammelson
3. Dylan Evans
Junior Women’s K1
1. Taylor Cote
2. Hanna Kertesz

thanks to all the competitors for putting on a great show, and to the crowd and Hoeve for a great atmosphere... oh yes, and to snow melt and warm weather on Indy pass for making it interesting!
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