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building a dry box seat mount

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Ok I'm on call and all my friends are on the river so I thought I would work on my boat.. normally I row from a nrs seat bar, but for trips where I need to take more than two passengers I have to take my forward dry box and sit on it.. I am making a seat mount out out of a sheet of 3/4 cdx.. I am going to coat it with behr deckover as I have some left over from my side decks.. I am up to the point of securing it to the top of the dry box... I'm trying to decide between cutting a slit on each end to run a cam strap through or routing a long shallow groove for the cam strap to ride in.. thoughts?

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slots ....grooves in cdx? I would have to say no. too many voids. in cdx

Slots and put one knot on each side - bomber.
Thanks.. two slots are a lot easier anyway.. the behr is a pretty good filler for the open spaces but grooves might be be more trouble than they are worth.. I will post some pics when I'm done..
All done.. slots are just big enough to squeeze a cam strap head through. . I plan on using loop straps.. it will be a bit until it gets a test drive..
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^^^ That's basically how my seat works and it never loosens up.
Very nice work! I have a similar setup, but my seat goes atop a folding table which covers a drop bag. I glued a piece of yoga mat to the bottom of the wood, which help keep it from shifting and sliding. It's held up very well over 2 seasons.
Great minds think alike. Mine looks very similar and I also glued a piece of yoga mat to the underside. I cut my board the same depth as the seat so I can position it more forward for my wife rowing and move it back for me.
I cut the board the same width as the dry box... thought it would be easier on it... the holes are set back a little, so if I just flip the seat and turn the board around it moves it forward a few inches..

I've run that style set up for years and I never bothered with the slots. Straps wrapped over the plywood were plenty to hold it in place. I get into my drybox a lot so I put footman loops on the sides of the lid and run a strap through them and over the ply wood, then a quick twist of the latches and I'm in... food for thought.
Thanks for the info... its good to hear this is a proven method of mounting a seat.. I will be sitting on my kitchen box so it will be opened once a day.. I couldnt justify spending the money on a flip seat when I'm barely in this box.. plus this keeps me as low in the boat as possible.. that was my main concern with all the flip seats out there..
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