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hello all,
i recently acquired a copy of the Breakthru DVD which is basically an instructional DVD for paddle technique. I am not a professional review guy but I find after 4-5 years of paddling having never had specific instruction or seeing an instructional DVD specifically on stroke technique that this video should be "required viewing". As I have been running some V water with varied success I started looking for something like this to help the technique and in this DVD I found it. Though it is dated with the types of boats, attire, and gear the reason you watch it is for the amount of information not the vanity. The shear amount of information in this DVD is unbelievable, in fact overwhelming. I find myself currently breaking down breakthru just to get all of the beta.

I have seen EJ's river running and playboating stuff, also Corran Addison's Legend of the Falls creeking instruction and I can say that these are merely supplements to "Breakthru!"

most of you have probably already seen it, if you have this may spur you to watch it again. If not go out and buy it, it will be the one next to "the risen sun" and "dream result" and frankly WAAAAAY more worth the money.
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