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Boulder River, Bible stretch

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I forget, what happens here at 5500 cfs? low bridges? and the East Boulder? I know the West Boulder is unrunnable due to low bridges above about 3000.
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I don't know but if you rally on it this weekend let us know how it was.
It was 4700 or 4800 at the gauge in Big Timber when we ran the Bible stretch Sunday. There's only one low bridge, about 2 miles below the road bridge that's at about mile 2 of the trip? (we put in at the normal spot at the pack bridge) This low bridge I speak of is the private bridge visible from the road while driving up. It wasn't an issue at all for us in oar boats, but with 1500 more on the gauge I would scout it while driving by. The rapids are all super fun read and run class 3 at 4700. I really want to hit this stretch some day when it's at 6000 or higher, watch for trees! We took out all the way down by the historic ranger station, there's a public access road across the street. We used to take out at various campgrounds up higher, but this spot allows for about 2 more miles of mellow floating past Falls Creek Campground, making it about 14 total (11.7 on the odometer while driving shuttle).
Thanks for the TR. You missed a good flip on the gally today. Wish I was going to be around this weekend but work is calling me back to the oilfield.

I'll add to your boulder post by saying the Mcloud to otter is a fun 4.5 hrs run as well. Good ducky water. Constant class 2 with a few 3ish holes, one river wide diversion damn (stay river left to avoid) its near big Timber. Good run if you're not ready for the bigger stuff and want to run something fun and splashy. Stay river left on the stone so you don't miss otter, it is only a short distance from the confluence.
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