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Boulder Creek, Darby MT.

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Was out here after doing the MFS, picked up wife and child and rented a cabin/house on Boulder Creek. 1st day I ran from campground down to west branch of the Bitterroot. Lots of wood. Was able to run most of it. Steep class4+. Was solo so I walked around one drop that had a log right after it. No write up about this section on AW.
Then hiked up to Boulder Falls. Holy smokes what a run. I didn't run the slid into the falls as I was by myself and in a River/play boat and didn't want to go over falls upside down. Lol. Ran falls and next 1.5 mile of creek, again wood here and there. That section is followed by about 1.5mi of flatish wood choke creek that I port aged around. About .75 mi above campground there is quality class3+ and a few 4 drops.
Hope to be getting out this way again and get up into some more Bitterroot drainages.

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Nice! Boulder creek... don't know that one. Sounds fun though. Made it up there last year to have a look at bear and kootenai creeks. Both looked pretty sweet but the water was a little high for my sub-class V skills. Poorly placed log in kootenai creek kept us from running the bottom drop. Hope to get on a few runs up in the bitteroot myself sometime. sigh, maybe next year.

mac cooper
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