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Boulder Creek (CO) conditions??

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Any body know of conditions of Boulder Creek... West of the play park, in the park, farther east ? Thanks
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What do you mean trees and hazards?
I've never been on Boulder Creek, and barely remember it from college days. Right now is it running pretty high, little high, or medium? Seems like it could be pretty unpredictable, coming from the release of Barker Reservoir and having several ditches fed from it. Any info would be appreciated, yeah like hazards, is there a published creek guide, how far up can you put in, and I'm in a kayak but some others I know are tubing so where should they stay (besides "in their pool at home"). Thanks
I just joined this site tonight and now I see the page with river flows, so that answers that. Maybe it's best for the tubers right now. But when the water's higher, where are the best parts ?
Depends on your skill as a paddler. You should probably be comfortable with class IV before heading above town.
It's running low right now. Much of the canyon still goes as it is channelized. If you put in at 4mile be sure to have class IV skills and scout EB. If you put in at blue bridge you'll need solid class IV skills and a boof. You'll need to scout rock cut, and the low head dam 1/2 mile above the tunnel. If you're putting in higher then you probably would be asking on MB.

The park is low but certainly doable (it's more of a creek park vs a play park but at this flow a playboat is fine) and I would be cautious paddling past broadway (diversion dam) because they are pulling water out and the rest of the run (to 30th or farther) will be very low.
tubers should not go up the canyon.
I tubed the hell out Boulder Creek from 4 mile down for a couple of years before I got into kayaking. You have to have some tubing skills not for the beginner tuber. I would also suggest wearing a helmet and PFD even though I never did. Stupid in hindsight.
High side of barely runnable.

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