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Poudre Rock Report | Kayak flows for the Poudre River )

*Public Service Announcement*

At approximately 2 pm yesterday a motorcyclist lost control of his motorcycle and went into the river at mile marker 102 (the Narrows). After an extensive search with dozens of Emergency Services Personnel, the body has not been found. The river is still open for recreational boating, hiking and tourism.

What to do- If you find anything suspicious (something that looks like a body,clothing, motorcycle gear) please do not touch it. Leave it in place, take note of exact location and contact Larimer County Sherriff Dispatch
Non-Emergency at 416-1985. If the suspicious item looks like it may be a body, if at all possible, leave someone with the item until Emergency Services Personnel arrive. There are telephones at the Mish and Columbine Lodge. These items and the body may be found anywhere below the Narrows (including Upper Mish on down). They may be traveling or lodged in place.

Also, be cautious of Emergency Services Personnel on the roadside and
riverside. Please drive and boat safely and be courteous.

Dave Dennis
Larimer County Dive Rescue Team
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