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Looking for variety of options...I live in nederland, CO (front range, near Boulder...)
Interested and available for Lodore anytime...into Oct, late (post mosquito season Deso (Yes there is such a thing...} GC, westwater, Idaho, yakking (ok, I inflate) blder creek....(been all the way to 75th!) Since I inflate, refer never to yak alone.... ( July 28, aug. 9th) very flex. other than those dates.
Guided professionally on all above mentioned rivers (plus many more) starting in 1985....

Happy to row yr boat or bring mine (although will need carpool if you want me to bring my own boat...(safer on water than land anyways)

Excellent river reading skills, as pro guide, ran mostly 18's even in Lodore at 800 nd below, cfs...13' to 16's on arkansas...
Own boat is a 15' SB, 4 ten cat shafts, all rigging etc. frame will fit variety of boat sizes, other assorted gear..Eco toilet, water jugs, whatever you would bring when you were 'freelancing' (guiding pro. for assortment of companies. No river kitchen fir anything larger than 1-4 person trip.

What I lack in river kitchen, make up for in spades in high quality, low cost river menu, cooking skills, risk mangement, entertainment (pro singer/musician....river humor, field experience, certified current WFR, etc.

Llive by the two acronyms: 'PPPPP' (prior preparation prevents piss, poor performance} and 'KISSSS" (keep it simple, safe, silly, scrumptous...etc.

Happy to take passengers, or row your baggage (ALL U KAYAKERS!)
Prefer smaller (ish) groups sizes....and people who understand following statement; "There's no "I" in private".... whether running rapids, rolling boat, etc. Favorite river THE ONE i'M ON!

Plz call or text my number. Computer dying. aNYTIME FINE...leace vm if I don't answer. 3o3 642-0823
Karen (aka Jungle Jane)...

PS Dinosaur, close, so lovely, so 'user friendly, so much rock art, animal life...runnable into the fall.....will be happy to pick up permit, do solo 2 boat trip, etc....USE PHONE NO>PLEASE!!!
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