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I'm heading to Brazil next month and was hoping to do a little paddling while I was don't there. I've heard that there is good boating near Rio. Anyone got the info.

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Kayak Brazil...

Boa viagem, cara!

I'm an American who has traveled to Brazil on business a few times. I've been looking for kayaking and yes, there is some kayaking to be done, but it's not very easy to find.

About 1 hour outside Sao Paulo is a place called Brotas. There is good rafting and kayaking there.

Kayak in Brazil is spelled caiaque (pronounced kayakee), and sometimes they call it canoa (canoe) depending on the person. If you want, you might be able to buy a boat there, here is a site with caiaques for sale, the prices are in Reais. (The Brazilian currency is a Real, pronounced hay-ow, or the plural Reais, pronounced hay-ice). right now they are trading at about 2.8 per dollar, so a R$1000 boat=~$300USD.

Anyway, in Rio you may find excellent surf, although January is summer for them, so the water will not be as rough as you might like. Around the bay is good surf, just go to one of the surf shops for guidance.

As for whitewater, this is harder to find.

There is a national olympic canoe club in the Rio Area , contact info is
FECAERJ - Federação de Canoagem do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Rua Visconde de Inhaúma, 39 sala 606
Centro - Rio de Janeiro / RJ - Cep 20091-007
Tel: 55 (21) 2263-5276 -- Cel: 55 (21) 9604-3978

I tried calling for you but only got a voicemail machine. I sent an email and got an automatic response from them, let's see if they give me a personal response later.

They have a page of links
This page has all sorts of organizations listed that might have info.
Here is a rafting company in Rio:
Mambo Jungle Adventures Ltda. (Empresa de Rafting)
BR 101, Km 513, Rod. Rio Santos
Porto do Frade
Angra dos Reis / RJ
Presidente: Fábio
Telefone: (24) 3369-2371

I'll look around and see what I find. good luck withthe trip. You will love Brazil. Go check out Brotas!

Now, warning! Crime is horrible in Rio, so you need to be careful with your boats and your physical safety. And no, this ain't one of those "it's dangerous everywhere dude" cases. Rio is truly one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Be careful!

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Got you a contact: Fábio Bortolli Mambo Jungle Adventures

This is a good place to start, anyway. :eek:

His email response:

Prezado Sr. Curtis,

Sou gerente da agência Mambo Jungle Adventures, fazemoos o rafting no Rio
Mambucaba que fica a 25 Km do Hotel do Frade (nossa base). O nível do nosso
rafting é 2 e em alguns trechos 3. E também sou um apaixonado por canoagem,
já fiz corricando (trolling fishing) de caiaque do Rio de Janeiro a Santos.
Fábio Bortolli
Mambo Jungle Adventures [email protected]

esteemed Mr Reed
I am manager of the Mambo Jungle Adven., we do rafting in the Rio Mambucaba that is about 25 kilometers from the Hotel do Frade (our base). The level of rafting is 2 and some 3s. Also I am a fan of canoes (kayaks) and I like to do do fishing trolling from a kayak from do Rio de Janeiro to Santos (Quico's comment: appears that he means he fishes from a sea-kayak along the coast).
Fábio Bortolli
Mambo Jungle Adventures
[email protected]
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