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OK, well I guess we are all PORNSTARS in our own minds, or is it just me? Here’s the deal…They (the “MAN”) want to use the water in our rivers for uses other than boating, recreation, and staying wet. They want to be able to take water out of our rivers and use it for Condos and second homes and selling it to Denver so their grass stays green. The problem with all of that, is that our rivers are going to get sucked harder and harder until you wont even be able to get wet in them. So the “MAN” is trying to make a law that says we can only keep a maximum of 350 cfs in the river to play in (along with a list of other undesirable ideas). We all know that 350 cfs isn’t enough water to make a wave, and unless you’re from the Southeast it isn’t even enough to lubricate your favorite backdoor run.

Now I know that most of you young PORNSTARS out there probably don’t think you will live long enough to see the results of the “MAN’s” law affect you. In spite of your most ardent efforts, at least 50% of you will live long enough to see our rivers turn into a flaccid unusable trickle. But if enough of us rise to the occasion and let our reps know that we support keeping our PORNSTARS wet, then it will be so.

So please help keep the PORNSTARS wet! And send the following form letter below -because it’s so easy and feels so good- to your locally elected State Representatives. In fact, here is a link so you can get the email address of your State representatives.

Just enter your zip code, click on the reps website link, click on their email address, copy and paste the following form letter to their email. Put their name at the top, and your name/address at the bottom…and hit send. Then make a copy of the letter, and send it to ALL of your PORNSTAR friends who will be as shocked as you that anyone would have the nerve let alone the balls to take your water out of your rivers. Then they will do the same, and before this law becomes LAW, all of our elected representatives will realize that there are Tens of Thousands of PORNSTARS who desperately need to stay wet… And sending this letter is what we need to do to STAY WET!

So stop sitting there staring at your screen, start cranking. We all know that you won’t last more than a minute, and that’s why this won’t take longer than a minute…Don’t make me Slap your silly A$$…Do It!

Stay Wet!

Dear State Representative,

I understand that there is a bill, SB-62, that will severely curtail if not eliminate the ability to designate water adequate for recreational use. If we don’t insure that we have adequate water in our rivers for recreational use, we are hamstringing current and future efforts to improve the flow of tourist dollars into our local and state economies. This bill will affect not only the economic outlook of Colorado’s future, but also quality of life issues in our communities.

The following are concerns that I have with the amended version of SB 62.

1. Recreational In Channel Diversions (RICD’s) already go through a substantial review process, including review by the Colorado Water Conservation Board and issuance of a decree through Water Court. Owners of water rights that may be affected by a proposed recreational in-channel diversion already have an opportunity to make objections in water court.
2. This legislation will make recreational use of water the only water right that has to take into account possible future uses of the water.
3. The current legislation on RICD’s (Senate Bill 216 passed in 2001) is presently in review by the Colorado Supreme Court. It is premature to pass another law until the Supreme Court has a chance to weigh in on current law.
4. Mandating a structure to control the quantity of water flowing through the course will affect the feasibility of acquiring new RICD’s. Having a control gate either on the river itself or diverting the river through a control gate is antithetical to the purpose of providing in-stream flows for recreational purposes.
5. The 350 cfs cap on allowable recreational water rights is in most cases not enough water to support most recreational activities, and in any event the RICD’s should be approached on a case by case basis.
6. Future Needs of the State of Colorado. Tourism is the largest industry in Colorado. Easy access to recreational opportunities is what drives the tourist industry in Colorado. This bill will unnecessarily limit or even eliminate the application of RICD’s in the future.

I am not a rafting company owner nor will I in any way benefit financially from having an RICD. I am interested in protecting water resources in the State of Colorado for a variety of uses in the future.

I am a river user and use the water flowing IN our rivers in Colorado. The economic benefits of having adequate water for recreation in our rivers runs into the millions of dollars for many of the sites where RICD’s have been acquired to support recreational use of the water.

Tourism is the largest industry in Colorado and Recreation is the backbone of our tourist industry. Easy access to outstanding recreational opportunities is what draws tourists to our state. This bill will significantly hamper efforts to draw tourist dollars into our economy.

I respectfully request that you vote against SB-62 as it is currently written.

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