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Maybe someone can learn from my stupidity: I have a boat that I only paddled a little bit over the course of 2 seasons because I kept getting my ass kicked in it and I was afraid of it. I kept getting knocked off line. It was totally unforgiving and I would often get suddenly spun sideways or backwards at the worst possible moments.

Well, I'm an idiot. I had the seat too far forward. My buddy Kent said, "you should try moving the seat back...maybe it isn't trimming right."

Holy crap, I moved the seat back and it is a different boat. I didn't really think it would have such a big effect. I was thinking: seat forward = aggressive stance = good stuff. I was wrong. Too far forward is a disaster.

"Fore and aft trim of a boat is an important safety factor controlled by the skipper. Boats trimmed badly, handle badly, and can be dangerous in anything worse than dead calm weather"
At boating - In recent months, we have received dozens of letters from readers wanting to know more about boat trim, or more specifically, asking how to trim their boats properly for best performance
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