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I posted this thread over at NMPB, but I thought I would post it here too to get some advice from you guys. Anyway...
I'm new to the sport and have some questions about how a boat should fit and the fitting of boats. First off, I picked up a wavesport x the other day because I was able to get a really sweet deal on one. I figured that it would work for me or for my girlfriend(who is also getting into the sport) and if for some reason it didn't I wouldn't really be loosing any money to resell it. Anyway... So I have the boat and am wicked excited, but I don't know if the fit for me is great. I'm 5'11, 215 pounds (when I'm in shape it's more like 190, haha. trying to get back into shape now) and with size 12 feet. Anyway... I noticed that besides for lack of a ton of foot room I didn't slide into the boat as nice as I would think you would want to. I noticed my knees/thighs had trouble sliding under the thigh brace. One I was in it wasn't as bad, besides for the whole not a ton of foot room issue. But getting in and out of the boat wasn't really easy, is it suppose to be hard, haha? My girlfriend can get in and out pretty easy. She is probably about 5'7 and 145, I don't konw that's just a guess. The boat seems to fit her pretty good. So what do you guys think? I'm planning on getting another boat for her or for me, I'm thinking now for me cause the x didn't seem that comfortable. Is a z going to be any better? How about a gtx. Though that doesn't have a ton of play characteristics right? I'm not really looking at becoming a crazy playboater, but I wouldn't mind something that could play when paddling down the river. Or how about the pyrhanna inazones or i3's? Perception sonic? I know the diesel looks pretty nice and the mamba, but I think I'm looking more at the first ones that I mentioned. What do you think? Will the x work and I just need to get used to it, and get back into shape, haha. Or what? Would the z be better, or how about one of those other boats? I know to demo and I'm hoping maybe I can, but what do you guys think? Thanks! My other question is did most of you guys start out in riverrunners or play or what? Since I don't know what I'll be wanting to do I figured a river play would be good. How is the x, will it allow my girlfriend to run rivers with decent confidence? Cause I've thought about selling that and getting us both more of a river runner, her a gt and myself a diesel, but... I don't know. Is the diesel more all around then a z? How is the Jackson superfun or the ezg? A lot of people at local paddler were mentioned the ezg 60. How do the z and the ezg compare, do they even compare? Thanks! The thread on npmb is Thanks in advance! Also at local paddler
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