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Yesterday we were doing a Joe Wright / Spencer combo. Got through Carnita's fine and it was super fun. But lower down in the class 4 boogie water I got turned around on a fa-q rock, went to turn and broached... Kinda let my guard down thinking we were done with the real meaty portion :oops:

Anyway, the boat is barely visible and not a hazard for other boats the way we had to leave it. It is wedged in between two rocks way on river right exactly a mile down Joe Wright and it's not even close to the line one should be taking so do not think it would be any trouble. It is under the water by several inches. I have a throw rope tied to a tree and connected to front loop of boat which is inches from shore and no threat.

We tried for almost three hours to get it out with 3 people giving it their all on a 3 point Z drag system, at many different angles. If it tacos and goes it would be dragging far right against a cliff since attached to rope... it's a yellow / green Micro 240. I got rope and my safety kit out of boat so there's nothing loose in there.

As soon as I can find a crew I am going back up to retrieve. Thanks to badkins and mark for the help and not making me drink warm coke out of a soiled booty.

Please let me know if anyone needs more beta on this and if people have concerns. Never lost a boat before. Sux. Jarrod

P.S. Dave Frank.. we should have safety course up there. It'd be a great project... she's really in there.
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