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Blasting at Twin Tunnels Clear Creek

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Hey fellow Buzzards

Today I ran Chicago Creek to just past the Beaver's.

At approxmatly 4:15 pm just as we were passing Clear Creek Rafting, there was an explosion for the twin tunnels project, basically right at Mtn Lion.

As I understand the protocol, there are suppose warning horns and a flag man is supposed be station at Clear Creek Rafting durning blasting operations, for saftey.

There was NO WARNING !! There was no flag man at Clear Creek Rafting, we heard no warning horns. Had we put in just a few minutes earlier we would have been right at Mt Lion when the explosion occured.

Right after running Mtn. Lion we eddied out to recover a paddle. Durring the recovery ran into constrction crew members arrving on the scene for blast road clean up. They were shocked that we were in the area. They confirmed that there was to have been a river flag man, and expressed concern that there was not a flag man, and assured me that incident would be reported.

To me this a major saftey error. I will be expressing my concerns to CDOT tomorrow.

Paddle on:cool:

Shredder Scott
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