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In the unlikely event that kayakers read this forum anymore
(alternatively, what bimini should I get for Ruby Horsethief?):

Black Rock Race aka Tom Janney Class III Downriver Paddleboat Race: 2019 Rendition
Tuesday - July 16th
Start gathering 5:30p
Meet at pull out below Rigo and we'll shuttle up from there

It’s that time of year again. As disappointing as your federal income tax return, flows are dropping faster than Trump after his viagra prescription ran out. Pretty soon Clear Creek will be as exciting as that Dead and Company concert where your friend forgot to bring the acid.

July 4th is over, but we’re still kayaking, so in honor of our forefathers in the Revolutionary War who overtook the airports to earn our independence, let’s fight for the last drop of runoff and do a race down Black Rock next Tuesday (7/16). Pray the water hangs in there and blame someone else if you wish we’d done it earlier.

True to tradition, the format will be teams of two. Choose wisely (hint: Forrest always surfs a few holes on the way down).

The race will be timed from just above Black Rock rapid through Rigo.
Entry fee is a six pack per racer to be divvied up amongst the top 2 teams, race safety and timing crew.

Long boat: based on previous years votes, there's a 30 second penalty for racing a long boat. (You should just not bring a long boat, it’s too confusing).

Additional notes:
I like to get 650 cfs, but I’m guessing it will drop below that, but such is life. It’s a good opportunity to re-acquaint yourself with the mank.

Everybody is welcome! If you don't want to race, come spectate, help with safety, or just run the river.

If you can't make 5:30 prompt, don't worry, it will take some time to get going, but we'll try to get moving with some reasonable promptness.
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