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Did the hike in today. There's a fair bit of wood to watch out for. Flow was a the top mark on the rock.

Roughly in order (I'm omitting some that have been there for years or you can see and avoid easily):

Prime Time: same wood as last year on the left - easy to see and avoid on the right

There's an unnamed rapid on a straightaway where the channel is split by a narrow boulder jumble. You boat it to the left down a little slide. The right side crashes into to a cliff wall (but probably goes). Just below that you'll see a big log across the right channel and a cliff wall on the left. The log extends all the way across the river. At our flow we boated right over it. At lower flows it might be a portage.

Below Slideways a bit there's wood across the normal main right channel in the class II/III. The small left channel is clean. You will see it as you approach.

Tubular Balls: Big log across the pool at the end of the rapid. If you are out of control you'll probably go right into it, but it looks clean or branches so probably will just swim under it. You could potentially roll under the far right side. I popped out of my boat, climbed over it and slid my boat under it.

Below Tubular Balls - there's a river wide log in the class II - I think it was there last year, but there's a little log behind the right side sneak. We portaged.

When the rapids start to pick up a little bit after the above, there's wood in the right channel with good pin potential. You can see some logs sticking up on the approach. I eddied out on river right, spotted the line, and ferried back to the left to avoid it - other person preferred the portage.'

Lots of wood in the Rush - worse than I've seen it. The normal takeout eddy has wood in lower slot, so take the right slot, or take out 25 yards above.
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