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Big South Tues/Wed?

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Who is up for a big south mission either tomorrow or wednesday? I am up in NoCo looking to get after it when I break free. JJ? Evan? any other fort peeps?

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Ran it last night. Paulie apparently chose Bailey over the BS. Long draw was releasing about 200 from my guess of the flow. I would say it was medium ish.I have ran it much lower and much higher. It was 2 and a half marks on the rock lapping the third. Joe wright was low but you could scrape down, water over the carnito boof flake but not enough to boof. Spencers was good. Wood in Fantasy Flight and Melt Down still. That melt down wood was not easy to see. Everything else is clean.

I am sure you all know this already. Just what was going on yesterday.

If I don't work in the afternoon tomorrow I will run an evening run
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