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I haven't done this since my days in Ecuador and Chile on my honeymoon - but I need to find some other paddlers willing + able to run a new river with me. (Feels odd to leave my usual crew behind, and try the "dating service") The Big South - I've heard the tales, heard I HAVE to see it, and it sounds like conditions are good right now. Sounds like you have to get an early start, so I'm thinking of meeting at "the gate" at 7 or 8 in the am. Any takers?

Justin Pollack - Frisco, CO
(970) 406-1312 cell phone

(Short version of my class V boating past: (CO) OBJ, Daisy, Inner Crystal Gorge, Escalante Creek at flood... (East C.) Narrows of the Green, Great Falls.. (West C.) Generation and Giant Gap, Little White Salmon, White Salmon, Top Tye, Canyon Creek, Robe Canyon, Ohanepekosh..)
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