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Big South Flow Change...

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Water supply Co. turned turned down long draw outflow to 130 cfs today. Rains lowered demand for water. Current plans are to turn long draw back up to ~200 cfs on saturday. The guy that changes flows usually makes the change around 11am or noon. If you are paddling sat it will likely be worth your while to wait for a later put in to get the extra water.

For folks that don't want the bone zone wierd creek experience... considering hiking in at corral creek. Its a short hike with a good trail and not very strenous. It drops you in just above the small foot bridge at the confluence of wierd creek and the big south proper.
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As of today (fri), the water supply guys still plan on turning long draw up to 200 cfs tomorrow around mid day. Should stay that way through the weekend. If they get rain and thunderstorms this afternoon, they might not need to turn it up, but they think thats a small chance. They will make a final determination sat morning. Hopefully I'll be able to post tomorrow am before folks start the drive if flows aren't coming up. I'll try to get something on the buzz by 8am.

Have a great weekend getting that last bit of water... Big South!
I'm heading up sunday Frenchy. Wish I could go up for the weekend, but I'm doing some creeking with the kids on sat. Creeking with 2.5 yr olds means you go to a micro creek, throw rocks into it, and launch stick boats into the mini-gnar.

Glad to help with the updates. I don't want to drive 3 hrs to find long draw shut off...
Long draw going up to 200 today. have fun!
Corral creek is an alternate hike in to the big south (class V). It bypasses the first mile or two on weird creek below long draw reservoir that is the most boat abusive portion of the standard big south run. You still get the 10 or so miles on the big south proper.
Water supply guys are turning long draw down a nick to 195 cfs. Was running 208 prior to the adjustment. Should keep it there for the next couple of days unless rain/weather/demand changes. Rock gauge was 2.5 yesterday. Still a fun level. Kinda scrapey up top, but slideways was at a good level! Love it!

Also... might be old news to some... there is a wierd crack slot / seive below the river right eddy that you catch after the spout boof to set up for the ferry in slideways. The back of the eddy used to be clogged with friendly wood, but it washed out. The eddy now bleeds into the rock mess that has this seive in it. I noticed it yesterday when I set safety at the bottom hole. Worth taking a look at if you are down there. Looks just big enough that a boat or boater could drop into it. Doesn't look big enough for a boat and paddler to get through though.
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