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Big South Flow Change...

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Water supply Co. turned turned down long draw outflow to 130 cfs today. Rains lowered demand for water. Current plans are to turn long draw back up to ~200 cfs on saturday. The guy that changes flows usually makes the change around 11am or noon. If you are paddling sat it will likely be worth your while to wait for a later put in to get the extra water.

For folks that don't want the bone zone wierd creek experience... considering hiking in at corral creek. Its a short hike with a good trail and not very strenous. It drops you in just above the small foot bridge at the confluence of wierd creek and the big south proper.
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Yea thanks and props for both the balieys and the south update..

Your post kept me from a hour drive where I would have gotten there to find a dry ditch.. Yep BV is only a hr or so from baileys...

Keep it up as these posts are great as they actually help out us boaters and it is great to see posts where that is the goal rather than just a bunch of boaters bitichin at each other..
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