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Big South 7/8-7/13 boat it everyday

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If the gate opens on Monday 7/7 I will be heading down there on Tues. If people want to meet me I will come over Cameron pass to get there and can boat it Tues at anytime.

Otherwise I am down to boat it everyday from Tues-Sunday. The only day that would have a time constraint is Friday and I would have to boat earlier in the morning.

If you haven't boated with me, I have run the BS at least 15 times. I know it pretty darn well, so don't worry about boating with a stranger.

My number is in my signature.

P.S. would love to boat Joe Wright and Spencers and well.
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I might be up for Tuesday and early Friday. We'll see if the gate really opens.

check with the FS before you drive over.
Yrd:fwiw, your signature and phone don't show up in my mobile screen.

Get it. Maybe Wednesday?

(Seven two 0) 298-2242
Two one seven 2166

Yeah let's hit it up Wednesday

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Trip report anyone?

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Went in Tues.
Flows were a high side of medium. Lapping above 6, the top mark on the rock. I am sure old school boaters would call it low. Fantasy flight had plenty of water on the left side of the center rock. Slideways was doable, but not comfortably, at least for me and that is my favorite rapid.

Wood in Rock Lobster,

Wood above Bar Room Brawl I think, someone else with a better memory can chime in, at that level you could just ride over the center of it, it also looked like you might be able go around the left of it.

Wood in the piton hole in Melt Down=rapid looking like shit now

Wood above Prime Time? (Can't remember really, flat water and you could get under on the far right if you limbo)

Wood on the right as you make the entrance (not in the gorge proper yet) into Prime Time, stay left. Work from right or center to left.

At this level there is a nice, big, sticky hole right above the first drop in Prime Time. I forgot about it and found it the hard way. Boof hard and keep paddling cause I was paddling away from it and it suck me back in.

Sorry about the weak memory of wood, but everything besides Rock Lobster and Melt Down goes, just depends on the size of your balls or ovaries.
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Pretty close Kevin.

Wood summation:

Above Bar Room Brawl - Over the middle only works with that flow and higher. Otherwise will probably be a portage.

Below Cool World - We snuck in the left channel. Might not be possible at lower flows. You can also limbo and dodge on the left in the main channel.

In Meltdown - Not totally in the way but kinda right next to where you want to be if not where you want to take a stroke through the hole.

Above Prime Time - In the lead in to the main gorge, Kevin said stay left but it's actually on the left. Stay right and boof the hole. Then don't swim in the next drop on the left where Kevin did.

Below Double Trouble - don't hit the sweet little boof in the middle, stay left.

Funky Limbo after Tubular Balls - on the left you can stay in your boat with some creative ducking under three logs.
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Evan where was the limbo on the right then? Under the two logs? It was definitely on the right side.
You're thinking about the one after tubular balls. We ducked right.

The logs after cool world were snuck on the right also.

The sweet boof after double trouble and rock lobster are the ones that aren't obvious.
Anyone up to boat it tomorrow?

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Anyone have beta on the level up there? Looks like weird creek is plummeting, down to 114 cfs now. Anyone have intel on what the release from long draw is likely to do over the weekend or how much water is still coming in from the source right now?
Source hasn't been a big contributer on the trips I've made. I would guess it's really low.
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