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Thank you so much for begin awesome.

I packed my stuff this morning quickly and bolted with an idea that I would be able to leave from work and magically get to Golden WW Park with enough time to paddle and make it worth the effort. To my shock and sadness I left my helmet at home. WTF!!! My stoke is done.

I asked everyone holding a paddle if they had an extra and they all laughed and said no. Then I met the Lady in a towel. I asked if anyone in the group had a helmet and she quickly offered. I was shocked and still so stoked at the same time. She gave me her Shred Ready Helmet and so I knew it would fit perfect. Oh a "Tommy helmet". I was so happy.

Thank you Jennifer.

If I can ever help you PLEASE let me know. Just PM. If you want to step it up a notch I would love to offer my zen. Anything you want to learn I would love to offer you a couple hours of my time. Even if it's me just waiting with a throw bag and a camera. You are my hero and I owe you.
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