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So two weeks ago a few friends and I went out to Chiba (about 4 hours outside of central Tokyo) and did a little surf kayaking.

On Saturday the surf had a nice break because of a freezing cold offshore wind. This was a blessing that kept the swell at a good size while beating away those damned surfers. Saturday night we ate some seafood, went to the hotspring and then drank tequilla and watched a hilarious movie called `Ski Jump Pairs` I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see Jesus jumping off a ski jump in formation. Hilarious.

Sunday was a beautiful day with a really a great swells that I unfortunately never got to ride on because the coast was spotted up and down with scoaling surfers. So my friends and I surfered the small breaks near a very scary reef. All in all I have to say that the northern part of Chiba is ausome, warm, and close break from the freezing winter creeks near Tokyo.

Sorry there are no pics. my friend with the digi cam was a no-show.

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