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Charc in = charc out
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check here:

your best bet will be to have some connects up there as levels tend to fluctuate sometimes unpredictably. there's always something really really good to run though from stompin' high water times down to mid-winter low flows. they've had a bad winter for snowfall, but have started to accumulate a pretty decent late season base.

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BC creeks

rutherford if high
masheder short/sweet
callahagn classic w/w
rodgers watch out for high water and indians
21 mile short/sweet
skookum creek classic with 60' vert slide and perfect 30. dont get lost putting in.
tatlow, go with someone that knows it

or just find Corey Boux in Whistler, he's always looking for people to creek with and knows that stuff better than anyone.
ok, have fun
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